Excursions from the Sonata Hotel

Batumi Botanical Garden
The Batumi Botanical Garden is a unique place, one of the largest and most diverse botanical gardens in the world, the brainchild of the famous Russian botanist and geographer Andrei Krasnov. A collection of 2037 tree species has been collected on the vast territory of the garden. Only 104 of them are of Caucasian origin, while the rest were brought from different parts of the world.

All over the world there is no analogue to the Batumi Botanical Garden - on its territory, plant species coexist, taken
from completely different climatic and landscape zones of the world. Under identical conditions, Japanese sakura and date palm, candy and lacquer trees, birches and bamboos and thousands of other beautiful and exotic plants grow here.
Mtirala National Park
In the morning, transfer by minibuses to the village of Chakvistavi, to the visitor center of the National Park. Trekking along the "Chestnut Trail", which combines two interesting objects - a waterfall and a lake, it runs along the beautiful gorge of the Chakvistskali River, in the middle of pristine subtropical nature, through the ancient Colchis forest, consisting of laurel cherry, Colchis boxwood, various types of ivy and rare relict plants.

The highlight of this journey is crossing the river on an unusual authentic cable car operating on a “hand-drawn” gear. After 2 km from the start of the journey, a picturesque fifteen-meter waterfall Tsablnari will open in front of you, in the bowl of which you can refresh yourself. Further, the path lies to a mountain lake, where you can swim, relax on the benches and have a picnic
Mountain Adjara
Transfer (~45 km) to the most beautiful mountainous part of Adjara, where you can see magnificent mountain forests. On the way, visit the Gonio-Apsaros fortress, one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia (1st century AD), built by the Romans.

A little step at the place of river Chorokhi and Adjaritskali confluence, where you can see as dreggy water of Chorokhi, as crystal water of Adjaritskali that flow in the same direction but don’t mix for some time. Moving deep into the mountainous Adjara, you will see the delightful thirty-meter Makhuntseti waterfall and the ancient arched bridge of Queen Tamara.

A visit to the Adjarian wine house and acquaintance with the traditions of winemaking in Adjara, where the rarest exclusive wine “Porto-franco” from “chkhaveri” grapes is produced, as well as types of chacha aged on coffee and berries. Walk through the beautiful area: a small vineyard, wine cellar and wine tasting.
Boat trip along the Martvili Canyon + sea swimming in Ureki
Transfer (~150 km) to Martvili canyon, boating along the canyon river with an instructor. Dizzying gorges, up to 40 m deep, a 7-meter powerful waterfall, huge lianas and rocks covered with centuries-old mosses. For boating, we recommend taking spare comfortable shoes (sneakers), swimwear, a suit and rubber slippers (there are stones at the bottom of the river). On the way back, transfer to the seaside health resort of Ureki for swimming in the sea and relaxing on the unique Magnetidi sea beach. The beach of the resort has a rare content of magnetic sand, which has amazing healing properties.
Excursion around the old city of Kutaisi
Visit to the monastery and academy of Gelati 12th century (UNESCO), founded by the great Georgian king David IV the Builder. Free time in Kutaisi or visiting Prometheus karst cave – the largest natural cave in Georgia. During the tour you will be able to admire stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre sizes and shapes in a special multi-colored illumination.